Full Shell ski helmet

Ski helmet likes an insurance. You maybe think it isn’t necessary for you. But when you are facing danger, you will find it very useful. Absolutely, I think ski helmet is really necessary for skier. Here is a picture of me making a mistake without ski helmet and hurt my head.

There are four reasons why you should have a helmet.

1. Ski Helmet Protect Your Safety

Safety should be obvious. When you are skiing, you crash a lot. You crash into other skiers, trees, the ground, etc. If you hit your head doing any of this, you will be in a big trouble.

The reason why I always wear a helmet is not because I myself am not a good skier, as a matter of fact I’m a rather good skier.

The reason I always wear a helmet is because of other skiers.
Because there will ALWAYS be bad skiers on a mountain. And a lot of the people who are bad skiers don’t seem to realize that they are so before they’re going 80 mph down a slope.

Statistics shows that roughly 10 million Americans ski or snowboard each year in the United States, with approximately 600,000 injuries reported annually.

Up to 20% of those are head injuries, which mostly occur when skiers or snowboarders hit inanimate objects such as trees or the ground.

22% of those head injuries are severe enough to cause loss of consciousness or concussion or even worse injuries.

The research is clear that helmets reduce your risk of head injury. While many people don’t like to consider the possibility that something bad might happen to them, it can absolutely happen.

The statistics indicated that skiers and snowboarders with a helmet were significantly less likely than those without a helmet to have a head injury. Helmets were not associated with an increased risk of neck injury.

2. Ski Helmet Makes You Looking Cool

A really important part of skiing is looking cool. Everyone knows this. I would argue that helmets are in vogue. If you aren’t wearing a helmet not only do you look out of style but you look like an idiot who is going to get hurt.

This guy looks very cool with ski helmet.

why you should have a ski helmet

3. Amazingly lightweight and relatively compact

I was in ski helmets from the early 1990’s and they sucked back then – huge and heavy. These days they are similar to a bicycle helmet – you don’t feel any weight. Try picking one up in a shop – you’ll be surprised.

4. Ski helmet make you warm

Biggest problem is actually cooling off in warmer skiing weather – though this is usually OK through opening the vents. But in a cold day skiing – like you go to Canada and the East Coast – hats don’t even come CLOSE to being as warm.
From most standpoints there really isn’t a reason to ski without one. Five years ago skiing with a helmet was a way to stand out, they weren’t common. These days probably 50% or more skiers and snowboarders are wearing helmets. Modern ski helmets are more comfortable than hats.

So don’t wait. Get a helmet now and wear it every time when you ski.

If you don’t know how to choose the best ski helmet, you can get some advice here.