Eureka! Backcountry 1 - Tent

Last year, I bought a Coleman family tent. But sometimes, I need a 1 person tent. Last month, I did a research for many solo tents. Finally I bought Eureka backcountry 1 tent. I think it’s the best 1 person tent on Amazon.

What does a self-supporting tent mean?

I found that many people want to have a small, lightweight tent and which you can pitch for wild camping within minutes. In my opinion, a self supporting tent will meet these requirements.

Fortunately, this Eureka Backcountry 1 – Tent is a self-supporting tent. It means I can set this up on any surface with no problems. I set it up on decks, on concrete, on dirt, you don’t have to pound tent pegs into the ground or worry about any of the hassles of a non-free standing tent. If I wanted to move the tent after it was set up, I simply picked it up and moved it, no problems.

Lightweight is important to a 1 person tent

The weight of a tent is very important , especially for a long journey or a bicycle touring trip. If you take a heavy tent, it will cost you more stamina.

I dissatisfied with cheap dome tents weighing over 7 pounds; this tent is 3 pounds 14 ounces, being a “half” dome, and is very well constructed. I heard many people said it is very suitable for one person’s camping.

 If you like bicycle touring trips, this tent would be easy to carry on the bike.

I tried the Eureka Solitaire and found it to be a little too confining for me. I think this Backcountry 1 is just the right combination of size and weight for carrying on a bike or backpacking.

Ez up tent and big room

Eureka Backcountry 1 - Tent

From my perspective, the one-man tent has some definite advantages – better ventilation/moisture management being the main one. Also, generally a one-man tent has mosquito netting, which is not the norm in a bivy.

This tent is a solo tent, it means you will have a good sleep. Before, when I have a backpack camping and carry a two-person tent, I always have to share my tent with other people, and always be awakened by other people’s grunt. So, if you want to have a person camping, this Eureka tent is a good choice.

it is long enough to bring my pack into the tent on rainy nights rather than hoping it stays dry in a vestibule. Roomy and well ventilated, it provides a roomy area to sleep and store your gear as well as a good amount of headroom.

This tent is a little bit bigger than other Eureka one person tent options; especially when you are looking for head room and sitting space.

Many times I did not get to the campsite until dark, and set up the tent without the aid of light. Tear down was also a breeze. The tent was spacious, enough room for me and all of my gear (clothing for a week, helmet, shoes, other gear).

Tent’s door and windows

This tent has a super sized side opening door with twin track zippers and offset window, it is convenience for you go in and out. With two large no-see-um mesh ends, it has very good ventilation performance as well as visibility. The size is OK for one person; especially easy to get into with the wide side door.

Waterproof of the tent

Last month, I have a backpack camping with some of my friends. Unlucky, it rained for four days straight. At beginning, I was anxious about the waterproof of this tent, but in fact there was not any signs of water leaking in.

The first night I had it with me it stormed bad with heavy rain and strong winds and thunder. The set up is easy (just practice setting it up at home), and the tent stayed tried the whole night, especially since I didn’t place a tarp on the floor to keep it dry. I was extremely surprised on how well it did especially with the rain and wind and the tent held up fine and dry. I’m 6’2″, and had a pack full of gear for four days and I had plenty of room to move around. The tent did a great job in blocking the wind especially since temps at night got as low as 32 degrees, on my third night I was up a hill were winds really were strong and still the tent held up fine.

It’ great!

This tent’s main fly and floor seams are factory taped for extreme weather protection, while the bathtub floor keeps seams taut and high off the ground for superior protection.

The fly seems to be necessary for cold weather camping, otherwise there would be too much air flow; with the fly on it feels snug inside. Of course that air flow would be great for warm weather.

Tent’s height

The center height of the tent is 38 inch, its 6 by 15.5-inch pack size.

Tent’s color

This tent muted green colors. I like the color. It can help the tent to blend into any wooded campsite.

Frame of the tent

This two-pole tent sets up quickly and easily, thanks to the 9mm DAC Press-fit 7000 series aluminum frame, clip attachments, and post and grommet corner attachments with locking end tips.

Other tent features:

Include two storage pockets, you can put your phone, glasses  and such small objects in the tent. The tent has four gear loft loops, and one flashlight loop. It includes tent, pole, and stake bags.

What Others Are Saying about this tent

I think this tent is the No. 1 solo tent in Amazon. Most consumers give it five stars.

·“ I would recommend this tent to anyone just beginning to backpack or just wanting a light weight all around good solo tent. ”

·“ This tent is very lightweight, and easy to set up and take down. ”

·“ I have used this cot for camping in the Idaho Bitterroot Mountains for a fishing trip and it was great. ”

Where Can I Buy this One Person Tent

You can buy this Eureka! Backcountry 1 – Tent on Amazon. At the moment they include free super saver shipping and from what I can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option. Click here to view on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Eureka! Backcountry 1 – Tent?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Click here to read more.

About Eureka

 Eureka company has a long history begins prior to 1895 in Binghamton, New York, where the company still resides today.

For backpackers and families, Eureka introduced its legendary Timberline tent in the 1970s. Truly the first StormShield design, this completely self-supporting and lightweight backpacking tent became one of the most popular tents the entire industry with sales reaching over 1 million by its ten year anniversary.