Coleman 2000007828 Sundome 3 Tent

7′ x 7′, 1 Room Sundome Tent, Sleeps 3, Weathertec System, Keeps You Dry, Easy Set Up, Innovative Design Makes Setup Easier & Faster, Comfortable, Adjustable Airflow System Increases Comfort Inside Your Tent, Organization, Includes Features To Keep Your Tent Tidy, Lime green and cream Colored Walls, 52″ Center Height.
First, the price was pretty reasonable. If you find another brand with a similar design for a little less, that’s fine and all but I was happy to pay what I paid and get a Coleman – even someone that has never been camping before knows Coleman is pretty trusted when it comes to things like tents, coolers and anything you use outdoors.

Second, I thought most of the other reviews here were pretty favorable. I’m just a guy that wants to head to a campsite 2-3 times a year and spend a night or two with my girlfriend. There was another review here about how it fit a guy and his fiancée with a queen size air mattress very well. That review pretty much sold me and it was spot on. I also learned that a queen size air mattress is actually a little smaller than a regular size full size you’d have in your home. That’s still fine for two people but just don’t think you’re going to fit a giant mattress in there. The “queen” Coleman air mattress I purchased fit very well with ample room to spare.

Third, I like the colors of this tent – definitely not a great reason to base your choice of shelter but I still like the way it looks.

Fourth, It poured rain as we slept the first night. It was a pretty bad thunderstorm and it came down hard. There were not any leaks I could find.


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