Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Have you ever heard of the Coleman Montana 8 Tent? Are you seeking to gather your friends or family for a weekend out of camping and you are searching for a generously sized tent that will accommodate about eight people or even three queen-sized bed in your tent? If yes, then the coleman is the tent you should be looking for. The Coleman has a lot of room to stand and move thanks to its cabin-like design. It is perfectly designed to hold up to the weather, and its angled windows are perfect for allowing in light. It’s welded floor will help you stay dry at all times. You can set up the coleman tent within 15 minutes because of it’s continuous and snag-free pole sleeves that allow you to feed them only once.


coleman montana 8 person tent

The Coleman tent is a great tent that you must consider buying. This is because it is has a lot of important features that will come in handy whenever you are camping. These features will always guarantee that you and your friends or family have a safe, pleasant and happy camping tour. Some of the great outstanding features of the tent include:

-It has hinged doors. This makes it easier for you to enter and exit the tent. It gives you that feeling of “at home” convenience.

-It has a 16 by 7 foot (W by D) layout that makes it spacious. This is ideal because it sleeps up to 8 people comfortably Without having space issues. The tent also comes with room dividers that allow you to divide the rooms and create up to three different compartments. This feature is a very crucial feature especially when you are camping with your family, and you need to create privacy.

-It has a privacy vent window and a cooling air-port; these two helps the tent to have improved air flow and makes things fresh.

-Its door awning gives you protection from both the sun and the rain. The tent is made using sturdy and high-quality durable polyester material. The polyester is waterproof and ensures water leakages do not disturb you in the event of wet weather.

-Its angled windows with the cabin design allow you to keep out rain even when the windows are open.

-The tent comes with a cold air gear and an adjustable ventilation system that allows you to get clean air at all times and is suitable for temperature control and ventilation.

-It has an electrical port access. This port allows you to run a cord in the tent from your device to a power supply that is outside the tent. Another fantastic feature of the tent is the built-in electrical LED lights that keep the party going all night. However, during the day, you can roll out the windows to catch some rays.

-Its patented welded floors use the weather tech that has inverted and protected seams; this seams will help to keep water out and keep you dry whenever it rains.

-It has a mesh roof. This mesh roof will allow for sunlight in the tent whenever you need extra lights. However, you can use them on dry nights when you just want to gaze at the stars.

-You can set-up the coleman tent within 15 minutes thanks to its shock-corded poles, its exclusive pin-and-ring design and also the insta-clip attachments. All these will allow you a simple and fast setup of the tent. Even if you have very little camping experience, following the installation instructions on the tent will get you going.

-The Coleman has the taped rain fly seams that come with easy-to-use Velcro frames that will protect you from the hash weather. All you need to do before you lie down is to attach the fly with the added overhang to protect you from the rain.



coleman elite montana 8

When you buy this tent for your family, you will get a lot of exceptional benefits including:

-Ease of setting up. Following the given instructions, you can set-up the coleman very quickly. In fact, one individual can set the tent up in less than 20 minutes. Once setup, the spacious tent is easy to assemble and maintain.

-The tent is water resistant and made with waterproof material. Its weather-tech system makes sure that you stay dry at all times even in the event of rains in your camp area.

-Additional gear net is attached to the roof of the coleman tent to allow you storage of items like phones, keys, wallets among others. This tent has additional pockets that give you extra storage space.

-You can easily carry the tent around.



A few clients have complained about the Coleman tent saying that:
-the tent has fewer openings as opposed to the other family tents in the market.

-In the event of heavy rains, the tent bows, and sways quite a bit.

coleman 8 person montana tent


Based on setup time, the level of protection the tent offers and the comfort, the Coleman tent is a wonderful tent and is ideal for a family of up to 8 people, two or three couples or a small group of friends. A lot of clients have given it an excellent rating, and most of them are excited to refer this fantastic tent to their friends who want to go camping claiming that its is the best tent they have used. Even though there are a few complaints about the tent, the tent has proven to be worth its value, durable, reliable and also comfortable. This has made the tent to feature among the top in the Amazon bestseller ranks.


With the Coleman, you get to reconnect with the outdoors; you can choose the design of your tent, and you get to choose the perfect setup. The Coleman will always add a comfort like that of your home whenever you are on a campout. Its simple set up and easy to carry features make it an excellent choice for long camping trips, scout troops and also car campers. You can even have power inside the tent thanks to its electrical port. All in all, the Coleman Montana 8 Tent is an excellent family tent because it delivers its promises.