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During the cold season, one of the things you need to consider purchasing is a pair of comfortable boots. Mens boots come in different type and style, which requires keenness when you are choosing a pair. Some boots are best suited for an official outfit, while others go well with casual attire.

Things to Consider When Buying Mens Winter Boots

So you need to get yourself a great pair of boots this winter, how can you be sure of finding the right pair? What should you look out for? Here are a few tips to help you.

  • What do you need it for?

Are you planning to take a hike in the snowy mountains, or you just want a decent boot to match your winter attire? Each boot has been designed for a specific purpose, so ensure that you understand the type of the boot you need.

  • Does it fit well?

This implies the size and fit of the particular boot you intend to purchase. Unless it fits you perfectly, you might not enjoy wearing it.

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  • Is it waterproof?

A good winter boot must be waterproof. But why? You would ask. The reason for this is that you will most likely walk in the wet snow, which might get to your feet if the boot isn’t water-resistant. For that, make sure it is waterproof.

  • Insulated or not?

Insulation is another vital factor to consider when you are looking for reliable winter boots. The boots must be well-insulated to keep your feet warm when you are outdoors.

  • How much does it weigh?

Other than the size of the boot, you should also mind its weight. If you are wearing it for outdoor activities, you might want to go for a lighter boot. The lighter the boot, the comfortable you’ll be when you wear it.

  • How about the lacing?

The lacing of the boots will determine its fit and comfortability. A good winter boot should have a lacing system that will hold the boot tightly to your leg. It should also be easy to lace up.

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It is all about finding a winter boot that will not only keep your feet warm but also feels comfortable. The boot should be easy to use, in terms of putting it on, taking it off or lacing up. Also, don’t forget to choose a boot with an appealing look and design.

KEEN is a renowned American brand that delivers high-quality footwear for all genders. The Mens Summit County III Hiking Boot is one of the leading Keen mens boot in the country. This boot is designed to keep your feet warm as you enjoy your outdoor activities in the mountains.

It has also been developed with an innovative technology that makes it waterproof. Even with its waterproof surface, the boot is still breathable. For that, you will not have to worry about having blisters or sore feet after a long day. Here is an overview of the boot, and why you should consider purchasing it.

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  • Light-weight

This boot weighs about 1.6 pounds and comes in size 11. With such a weight, you can enjoy going out for a hike without feeling any heaviness on your leg. It also has a 400g inner insulation, though you won’t feel the heaviness.

  • Sturdy and comfy material

The Keen Summit County III Boot comes with a leather upper body, with a textile lining. With such materials, you can be sure of having a strong boot to endure the harsh outdoor environment. Conversely, the textile lining along with the insulation are gentle on your feet for extra comfortability.

  • Firm grip

Another amazing feature of this boot is the adequate traction that is offered by the high-quality rubber sole. This means that you can walk with ease on both dry and wet surfaces. So even if you are going for a hike, this boot will hold on to the surface with a good traction that limits unnecessary slips.

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  • Waterproof

If you need a good winter boot that will protect your feet from the cold water, the Keen Summit County III Boot can be a great consideration. The Nubuck leather is waterproof, and it helps to keep the moisture out. The boot has also been made with a Keen.Dry membrane that is both water resistant and breathable. This helps to allow sweat and moisture move out of the boot for fresh air at all times. Keep in mind that the boot might lose its permeability when it is soaked. But you’d still be impressed by its performance.

  • User-friendliness

Another great feature of the Keen Summit County Hiking boot is its ease of use. You can slip your feet in and take off the boot with ease, which is characterized by a low tongue gusset. Other than that, the boot has a lacing system that is quick and easy to manage. The lacing hoops start from the top of the feet section up to the shaft, where hooks are placed for easy lacing.

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What you’ll love about the boot

  • Easy to use
  • Modestly waterproof
  • It is warm enough for the cold season
  • Padded ankle cups for extra protection
  • It is light enough
  • It has a decent look for wearing in different occasions

The not-so-good issues

  • The leather is delicate and might wear out easily if you don’t take a good care of it
  • They are not the perfect choice for a warm day.

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Who should purchase this boot?

If you love backpacking, hiking, or snowshoeing, you might want to consider purchasing these boots. The boots are quite pricey, so if you are willing to spend over $120 for a pair this winter, consider getting the Keen Mens Summit County III Boot. They are best for a light winter hiking or if you are just a regular day out on in the cold season.


The Keen Summit County III boot is an amazing boot to have this winter. Whether you want to purchase one for yourself or you want to gift a friend or family, these boots are worth considering. Their amazing traction and insulation make them a great pair of hiking boots that you’d want to purchase. Also, you can choose Brindle or Cascade Brown, depending on your preference.