big camping tent

There are so many different tents in the market. They have different shape, different use, different material. Today I will introduce two important points which you should know before buying tent. 

The composition of the tent:


The water repellent is the only coated with AC or PU. Generally just for children, or game tent.
Waterproof 300MM generally used for beach tent / shade tent or cotton tents drought.
Waterproof 800MM-1200MM used for conventional simple camping tent.
Waterproof 1500MM-2000MM for mid-range of tents,Tourism For several days.
Waterproof 3000MM and above is generally a professional tent, have been treated under the high/cold temperature.

The bottom of the material: most tent use PE, good or bad quality mainly depends on its thickness and density. More upscale tents with Oxford fabric, waterproof at least in the 1500MM above.

The internal fabric is breathable nylon or breathable cotton. Quality mainly depends on its density.

The waterproof of this family tent which I introduced before is perfect. I used it in the storm. Its waterproof performance is very good.

Support frame

Common used glass fiber tube. Its quality is very important.
There are several types of tent frame.

  1. Elastic: These are generally used for children’s tent or beach game tent.
  2. Most common glass fiber tube, 6.9 / 7 9/8 5/9. 5/11/12. 5 series. Thicker stronger rigid, flexible, less. Fiber tube stent choice is reasonable is decided according to the size of the ground and the high proportion , too rough or too small are easily broken. For example: 210 * 210 * 130 is the proportion of classic dimensions, the pipe is generally 7.9 or 8.5.
  3. Aluminum alloy frame: Relatively high, according to the alloy ratio test is more difficult. Generally its original bracket the overall curvature of the curves are first calculated and then hot pressing the amorphous processing. Features are light weight, easy to carry, major also is easy to fold, but poor quality easy to deformation.