boy with ski helmet

Are you looking for the best ski helmet? Perhaps you are in doubt about the different variety available on the market and still want to find the best. The following information will help you in choosing the same for your sporting activity. There are several benefits or importance that comes along choosing a good ski helmet and includes the following:

It offers great protection to the head against injuries.

It ensures best ventilation as required.

It provides warmth during cold seasons.

Therefore, it is always imperative to choose what is best for maximum enjoyment and utilization of the same.

What to look for

When buying the ski helmets, there are several things that you should consider before plunging into your pocket. Remember, different brands offers different features that may or may not be suitable to the intended purpose. Therefore, you should invest in knowledge about the same so as to find the helmet that best fit all your needs and budget. In this case, the following factors should be considered before any purchase is made:

Venting and warmth

The two are the greatest things that should not be taken for granted depending on the condition of the place that the helmet will be used. In most cases, the ski helmets are worn in cold places and thus calling for the need of the helmets to keep the user warm and protected. Therefore, the helmet chosen should be warm to make the user comfortable in chilly areas. However, if it is to be used in hotter areas, then the helmet should provide the necessary ventilation.


The helmet should fit well into your head. This is so because the head is so sensitive and needs to be comfortable during the skating activity. If the helmet is not fitting well into your lovely head, consider looking for the one that is not causing any pressure on your head so as to avoid some of the complications that may arise.

Goggle compatibility

The goggle compatibility is so invaluable and should not be taken for granted. Remember, your face shape is so unique and not all the helmets can fit different face shapes. While some have got smaller faces, some have longer and this call for the same to be considered well to ensure that there is compatibility and fitness before any purchase is made.

Types of Ski Helmets

There are about 3 types of ski helmets in the market.

Half Shell

Half Shell ski helmet

This is the most common design, and most of ski helmets I used fall into this category. Essentially, this type of helmet covers only the hairy part of your head, but ears and face are exposed.

This is a half shell style ski helmet. The green portion protects from cold and impact, while the black ear covers protect only against the cold.

Full Shell

Full Shell ski helmet

Full shell ski helmets are typically reserved for high speed alpine ski racing, and cover the entire head and ears of the wearer.

Full Face

Full face ski helmet

A full face design, just like it sounds, cover the head, ears, and wrap around the mouth and chin below the wearer’s field of view.


While choosing a ski helmet, what matters most is the purpose for which it is intended. In this case, there are different styles of the same available on the market with each designed for a particular purpose. Depending on the purpose for which your helmet is intended, you can look for the style that best fits your desires. While some are designed for skateboarding, others are designed for motor sports backgrounds. Therefore, it is always advisable that you choose something that you will not regret on the process of using it and is thus invaluable to put the same factor into consideration. The following are the best five helmets that you can choose from:

1. Smith Optics Junior Zoom Helmet

Smith Optics Junior Zoom Helmet

Smith Optics is one of the best helmets available on the market. The product has been designed with every detail in mind and is therefore the best for your choice. Some of the awesome features that make up this fantabulous helmet include the lightweight design. In this case, the helmet weighs only 325 grams and has got the best ventilation ever to provide all the comfort necessary. Another iconic feature is the super-soft lining that offers excess protection to the user. Also, the product is a top-drawer on the market due to its top quality design and the attractive features that composes it.

2. Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Giro Seam Snow Helmet

This is another iconic product with awesome features and is thus the best among the other brands of similar type. The product features include twelve super cool vents that enable proper ventilation, the different sizes that come with the same product, the antibacterial padding, the adjustable fit and the lightweight design. The Giro Seam Helmet is thus wonderful product that is suitable for its purpose. The feature that stands out to be the best is its capacity to be adjusted to fit well to the head and to offer comfort and protection. Therefore, if you are spoilt of choice, you can have a look at this fantabulous product.

3. Smith Optics Aspect Snow Helmet

Smith Optics Aspect Snow Helmet

This is another brand from the Smith products and is a great product for choice. If you have been wondering or confused by the different brands that you see on the market. This awesome one gives you a new taste that you will always admire while using the same. It has been designed with every detail and aspect in mind and therefore is the best design ever. Its features include the lightweight design, the adjustable fit, the ear pads or the audio system fit, goggle lock that is removable, and the 14 vents for effective ventilation among other features. It is therefore a smart product that requires your attention.

4. Smith Optics Maze Helmet

Smith Optics Maze Helmet

Here is also another wonderful product that should not be confused with others that may bear almost similar names. While this is also a Smith product, it is so unique in its way and style. The helmet features a powerful audio system with two ear pads that can be used to enjoy a variety of music while on the ride. The product weighs 330 grams and is thus manageable and convenient for its purpose. Among the features is also the 9 vents capacity making it unique since the ventilation has been enhanced and thus promoting excessive comfort.

5. Giro Nine Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Giro Nine Ski & Snowboard Helmet

The Giro Nine is both a ski and snowboard helmet and is therefore one of the best helmets available on the market at affordable prices. The product has been designed in style and composes attractive features. The product is made from tough and high quality polycarbonate outer shell that has got the capacity of absorbing the shock thus enhancing comfort and protection. The other features include the super cool vents, the stack vent, the seamless compatibility with the Giro audio systems and the Giro goggles among other awesome features and therefore, the product is just suitable and good for choice.